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Telegram Chatbot

SalesTwirl's Telegram Chatbot - the ultimate tool for automating message replies in your Telegram groups. Our Chatbot for Telegram app allows you to streamline your communication and save time while providing exceptional customer support.

SalesTwirl's Telegram Chatbot supports unlimited Telegram groups, and it even provides tools to reply manually with a click to the received messages in any connected Telegram group. All required actions to automate the message replies are simple:

  1. Connect your Telegram groups in the Chatbot for the Telegram app.
  2. Create quick responses on the Quick Replies page.
  3. Group created quick replies with categories (you could even import quick replies from a CSV file).
  4. Enable Telegram groups with a click and select the categories from which the quick replies should be used.

SalesTwirl's Telegram Chatbot allows you to customize your quick replies to ensure they are relevant to each group. When a quick reply is sent to subscribers, the quick reply categories are assigned to them, allowing you to understand their interests and needs.

But that's not all - SalesTwirl's Telegram Chatbot also saves phone numbers and email addresses from the received messages, and it keeps subscribers as guests that you can export in a CSV with all their data.

If you have a team, you can use the Chatbot for the Telegram app to provide manual support by replying to received messages. 

You can decide which team role can see and reply to conversations from one or multiple Telegram groups. All actions done by team members are saved on the Activities page of the Chatbot for Telegram app, and you can see what your team members are doing. The Overview page even shows a team member's number of replied messages for any time interval.

With SalesTwirl's Telegram Chatbot, you can automate your communication, save time, and provide exceptional customer support. Try it out today and see how it can transform your Telegram group management!