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Facebook Chatbot

With our Chatbot for Facebook you are able to automatize the messages replies in all your Facebook Pages Messenger. All actions required are to connect your Facebook Pages in our CRM and enable them.

The automatic messages replies will be sent based on the keywords and best accuracy. Our tool selects the highest accuracy by verifying all available quick replies conditions and replies automatically. 

You could group the quick reply with categories and select only the interested categories in a Facebook Pages. Therefore, for that Facebook Page will be used only the quick replies which have the selected categories. Without categories doesn't work.

When a quick reply is used to reply a message, it's categories are assigned to the Facebook's user and you will be able to see which categories have a saved guest and understand his interests when you're providing manual support. The guests will all assigned categories could be exported in a CSV file.

In the Conversations page of our Chatbot for Facebook app you could see in real time how the new conversations are opened in any connected Facebook Page. You could get the conversation with a click and reply with text, attachments and links. You are able even to invite the team's members to provide support in a conversation.

Our app registers all team's members activities and as team's owner you always will be able to see what are doing your team's members.